Julien Legrand

Julien Legrand was born in France in 1979. He started as graphic designer. Passion to photography came to him later. On that time he was shooting everything: portraits, landcapes, travel photo e.t.c. Slowly Julien began to shoot only on the streets. Most of Julien Legrand’s pictures explore the chance moments of everyday life, with a focus on pedestrians. For him, streets and public spaces are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. He always has a camera with him and takes pictures almost every day, anywhere, at any time. He operates spontaneously, instinctively, creating a visual record that does not seek to relate or denounce anything; he prefers to let the imagination run free. The idea of being suffocated by a repetitive and impersonal daily life frightens him, so shooting on the street is his way of constantly keeping in touch with the world around him. Julien Legrand is a member of Street Photographers collective.

Julien always been more drawn to black and white but today we are featuring another side of him and his photography – color.