Women Lightscape by Herve All


Herve All born in 1976, Lyon, France. Graduated from the Academy of fine art, Perpignan (France) and residing and work in New York. Herve All works on perception and consciousness through new narratives and focuses on the thin line between dream and reality. He, a lucid dreamer, doesn’t feel like a photographer: through he works with medium of photography, each picture is the result of a performance where he uses a torch. His thin beam of light not only focuses on details but goes beyong the surface, exciting the body’s cells and giving a new glimpse into reality. He uses light not just as a tool or for aesthetical effect, but to explore the fine line between light and dark, flesh and soul, body and space, conscious and inconscious perception.

Filled with light, the body (Women Lightscape’s serie) or the plant (Dancing Leaves serie) vibrates and rolls out in a time revised by the artist. Indeed, the exposure time often lasts several minutes to see the magic happen. By fragmentations and transparencies, the subject goes beyong the fugacious moment and leaves long-lasting trace. It’s not the question of any photographic moment, but it’s a way to explore an interval where we can rethink our existence, or our consciouness to be into the world.


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