Anastasia Kichigina

Anastasia KichiginaAnastasia Kichigina is one of Russian street photographers of new generation with extraordinary view on the surrounding her world and ability to capture moments that nobody else see.  Born in 1981 in Omsk (Russia) soon moved to St. Petersburg, where she live and shoots and now, after got there architectural and artistic education. As she told to us from early childhood she was fascinated by photography due to her grandfather. When She was young, he worked as journalist in the regional newspaper, and in spare time was shooting. Mostly family – wife, children and grandchildren. And know after so many years Anastasia still remembers this magic when in dark room her grandfather was printing and making photos and she watched with admiration. For her it was real magic. 

When Anastasia Kichigina was 16 years old she broked grandfather’s camera – the camera that saw her growing up, when  parents were young. It saw many happy moments, and gave them to me. And from this time Anastasia madly wanted to start photography. So, it all started and, of course, with family, friends and classmates. She noticed that like to watch people, could spend many hours alone in a park or a walk and just look at people, light, emotions. She was comparing some scenes on the street with the one  studied at the Academy of paintings.

Somehow history of art and photography synthesized with love of street and She began to street photography. Then Anastasia met the “right” people, who gave the direction, opened her eyes to the fact that the photography goes together with music, art and literature. Appeared vast field of self-improvement and self-criticism.

As Anastasia told to us, when She is  shooting, She has no need or desire to remain “invisible.” And it is not always necessary. Sometimes the look of a man in the picture or gesture at the camera works very well. For the photographer almost always, but especially in street photography unpredictability and moment is the main. Person can’t in a split second before the shutter clicks  to control everything that happens in the frame, especially if the photo has a lot of plans and the elements are linked not only shapes and tones, but also color. Therefore, we must rely on their gut feel, perhaps, on the intuition.

And advice for all street shooters who read PhotoSlaves from Anastasia Kichigina:

Shoot a lot. Be strict with yourself. Try to understand that Art is one and draw inspiration not only in photography but also in music, poetry, literature and painting. And most important – love what you shoot.

Anastasia Kichigina’s portfolio:

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