Dunes by Jonas Kalvelis

Jonas KalvelisJonas Kalvelis (1925-1987) is one of the most important representatives of the “Lithuanian School of Photography”. Various exhibitions and publications established his reputation in Soviet Union`s photography. Due to the political changes at the beginning of the nineties, the interest in forms of artistic expression also changed. After his death in 1987 the interest in photography concentrated on newer forms of expression, developed by younger generations. He concentrated on two main themes: “Dunes” and “Forest”, in which he combines technical perfection with a deep sensitiveness for the impressions of nature. High demanded on manufacturing and perfection of the prints the “Dunes” of Kalvelis with their rich contrasts are similar to Old Master Drawings and their finely tuned shades. 

Jonas KalvelisJonas Kalvelis worked on his series ”Dune” from 1973 to 1985.

Jonas Kalvelis was born in 1925 in Kikonae, Lithuania. In 1958 he graduated from Kaunas College of Agriculture, working in water management projects institute. In 1965 he took part in the exhibition “Our Nature” and was invited to Kaunas club photos. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and other countries. He died in 1987 in Kaunas.

Dunes by Jonas Kalvelis:

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