Lara Jade Coton

Lara Jade CotonLara Jade Coton is an internationally acclaimed fashion, portrait and commercial photographer. Lara’s most compelling quality is the ability to colour her images with strong elements of romanticism, fantasy and a hint of darkness that tints her work with maturity beyond her young age. Her unique style has defined her work since picking up her first camera at the age of fifteen, when she first started experimenting with self-portraiture and themes of fantasy which she continues to develop and refine today.

At only seventeen Lara started her own business – Lara Jade Photography. Beginning by taking on small clients, she was soon able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to develop the commercial side of her business to adequately deal with the high demand for her work. Lara’s momentum has continued to build, with clients ranging from Sony Music, the BBC and well known fashion and photography magazines worldwide.

In addition to her commercial success, Lara also continues to be a source of inspiration for millions of other photographers and artists who follow her work across the social media scene. Lara is currently working worldwide and is represented by leading agencies in London, Milan & America. She is signed with Sarah Daw, Just Add Water Management & Milan based agency Sudest57, who noticed Lara’s talents and signed her early on. Lara has also been fortunate enough to receive a number of sponsorships, including Canon, Bowens Lighting, Lensbaby, Wacom, Datacolor, and is currently designing her own range of camera bags for US camera bag brand Naneu. Lara was also winner of the Public Choice Award at the 2009 AOP Open Awards. As well as working on her personal work, Lara also tutors successful workshops worldwide, teaching fashion and beauty classes.

To say that Lara Jade Coton merely takes photographs is a gross understatement. To dismiss her as a commonplace beauty, albeit with an accidental knack for self-portraiture also completely misses the point. That said, it is never really easy to accurately label her: a creative tour de force in front of and behind the lens, as well as inside the digital darkroom. Lara is as versatile and accomplished as they come.

To fully appreciate the merits of Lara’s work in the same manner her avid fans do, you would have to consider the extent of her youth (she turns 21 this year), the considerable size of her portfolio (at least 6 years worth of work, and counting), and the infinite expanse of her imagination. Discounting Lara’s account on online photo-sharing application Flickr, a modest average of 6000 individuals per day peruse her extensive gallery on art community DeviantArt, where she assumes the well-known soubriquet of ‘larafairie’. Features on photography magazines such as Practical Photography and Digital Camera Magazine only confirm Lara’s charm as a promising debutante in the world of photography.

“From the age of fourteen, I was already aware of what the internet could do. However, at the start my photography was purely a hobby. I posted my work online because I enjoyed being part of a community. I suddenly started getting more and more comments and gradually, as the years went on I had quite a few followers!”

Lara’s portfolio is extensive, and her individualistic style has garnered her a considerable following on photographic communities. Her work is exceptionally stylish, elegant, and very professional, encapsulating a style of visual representation that is both contemporary and modern, but also has an subtlety classical allure. Every picture does indeed tell a story.

What are your personal artistic motivations?

The motivation to be original strives me. We are in a world surrounded by imitation so my first thing is to try and be original above anything else.

What is the particular appeal of the face for you?

The face (often unique faces) are great to capture – you can capture them emotively, capture personality or even style.

What is your working methodology (e.g. how do you approach a new piece of work/subject and what is your favoured process of creation)?

I often start brainstorming or sometimes keep the idea in my head. My favourite way is to go through ideas on the day, it’s hard to put your finger on a specific thing beforehand unless you know your location, models and creative team inside and out – so usually I get to the location and THEN ideas come to me.

Who and what are your sources of inspiration?

I am inspired by fashion photographers, old masters in art & painting, music, films… almost anything. My favourite photographers at the moment are Eugenio Recuenco, Steven Miesel & Craig Mcdean.

What advice do you have for other artists?

To keep practicing, push your boundaries and never give up!

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