Understanding Joshua by Charlie White

Charlie WhiteCharlie White exploring male self-loathing through photographic puppetry. Using a humanoid puppet he calls “complete fragility manifest in a body”. White presents human frailty through a fictional character, much as a novelist might. As Charlie White tells, his puppet, called Joshua, helps him to explore the themes of male self-image and self-loathing. White places Joshua in a series of vulnerable situations – at a cocktail party or a lover’s house – and photographs the scene. Charlie White is a photographer and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited internationally since 1999. White holds the position of Associate Professor, and is the Director of the MFA program at the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Fine Arts. Charlie White lives and works in Los Angeles California.

Understanding Joshua by Charlie White:


Cocktail party

Getting Lindsay Liton

Her place

Kens basement

Sherri's living room

Official site: www.charliewhite.info

13 Responses to “Understanding Joshua by Charlie White”

  1. lutherslook says:

    Absolutely awesome art. What a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  2. plum says:

    internet faggot

  3. Von says:

    Very interesting :) id love to see more of your work

  4. DapOrp says:

    Anyone know if prints of these can be purchased anywhere?

  5. Ash Benna says:

    The one in the bathroom…..what?

  6. me says:

    this is creepy. if you like it… yeah, good for you.

  7. ChrisHerself says:

    Those of you offended or angered at this imagery–that’s what it feels like to be confronted with your own insecurities and struggles. Embrace it. Think about the pictures and why they disgust you.

    You’ll learn about yourself.

    Which is a striking thing about art. Even the shocking kind. Perhaps especially the shocking kind.

  8. famine says:

    totally awesome photos. super interesting!

  9. kyle says:

    … I don’t get it?

  10. Mick says:

    Absolutly love all of it! I find it sick, hilarious, insecure, and simply coragious. Brilliant sir for evoking such emotion! Fuck em’ if they don’t get it!

  11. brendan says:

    everyone can have a dark side…especially me..mmwahahahah..

  12. jamesmgreene says:

    Some imagination,try making movie shorts.

  13. Rick says:

    My precious! My precious! When they finally let Schmeegle outta the shire!

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